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caring for every element of your holiday

Our Green Policy

We want you to enjoy visiting our part of the world, and benefit from the beautiful diverse ecosystem we live in. So we have some simple policies in place to give you peace of mind that your stay with us has the minimum impact possible on the environment.


Enjoying the darkness

Our farm sits on the edge of the Galloway International Dark Sky Park, which means on a clear night we enjoy some fabulous views of the stars.

Because of this we are very conscious of creating light pollution which can not only obscure our views of the stars, but disrupt nocturnal animals such as moths, bats and migrating birds.

This is why we have a zero light policy at night, on the carpark and farm yard, and lighting in the bathrooms and kitchen area are on timers just incase anyone forgets to turn the lights off.

To help you find your way we provide torches which all adds to the feeling of adventure whilst staying with us.

Clean & Green

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products here at The Outdoor Hotel. This means that you can relax, knowing that our accommodation is scrupulously clean, but not filled with chemicals. It also means that our higher cleaning standards don't have a negative impact on the wider environment. If you want to know more about any of our cleaning protocols or products please ask, we're always happy to discuss.


proud supporters

We are proud supporters of the Galloway and Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere. This means the we are committed to supporting the rich culture and biodiversity unique to our region. Please ask us to explain more about our involvement with the biosphere or visit the website to discover more.

Protecting our wildlife

We are very lucky to share our farm with an abundant number of Kites, Buzzards, Hobby's and even the odd Gosshawk. They are a truly magnificent sight to behold and play an important role in our eco system.

However in some areas raptors are still heavily persecuted where their hunting conflicts with other land uses. That's why we are proud to support the RSPB in their Bird of Prey Defender campaign. 


A home for nature

Our rolling wildflower meadows and natural woodland provide amazing homes for a huge amount of wildlife. But we also put up lots of feeders and boxes throughout the farm to help ensure nature continues to thrive, even through the challenging winter months. If you'd like to learn more please ask!

enjoy local

One of the best things about visiting a new place is exploring local specialities and seeking out unique businesses that make your stay even more memorable.

Throughout the year we host mini events that help support our local sustainable businesses. Follow the link to find out when our next event is, or ask us for more information on where you can find these special gems.


Scotlands third national park?

Did you know that the Scottish Government has committed to creating a third national park in Scotland?

Dumfries and Galloway, with its stunning countryside, wild habitats and vivid history is in the running to become . Why is this so important? Becoming a national park will promote the protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural assets of the area for public benefit. Read more about the campaign and how you can support the Galloway National Park Association.

certified organic

Low Auldgirth Steading is certified organic with the Soil Association. This means that we are assessed annually to ensure we are actually doing all the lovely things for nature we say we are.

It means we never use chemicals on our fields, we actively work to improve biodiversity on our land and our livestock are kept to the very highest standards possible.

It may just be a little logo, but it's a good sign that we're doing what we say on the tin.

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